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Tip-offs Anonymous ®

The University whistle-blowing facility, known as Tip-offs Anonymous ®, is independently operated by Deloitte.

Tip-offs Anonymous ® serves as a conduit for University stakeholders to report any dishonest activities that are taking place at the University and to give effect to our REACHT values.

Confidentiality is guaranteed. Tip-offs Anonymous ® will never reveal your identity nor your gender. Do not send emails from your work email address because these can be traced.

Please report your suspicion confidentially and anonymously, 24/7, through the following channels:

Tip-offs Anonymous ® should not be used to make allegations, which are false. Where such malicious, vexatious or false allegations are discovered, the person who made the allegations will be subjected to firm disciplinary action, or other appropriate action in the case of external parties.